MEDICINE, MAN  by Jeffrey Stanley

CALVIN BARKER, a machinist having a crisis of entertainment
SWIMMER, a 175-year-old Cherokee medicine man who walks through walls and hands out fruit
SUE MORRISON, a doctor having a crisis of science ALABAMA, Calvin's girlfriend and aspiring country & western band manager
PREACHER BOBBY, a minister having a crisis of faith TRACY, Calvin's fraternal twin and aspiring movie producer

On the day of the NASCAR Pepsi 400 race and a party in its honor CALVIN BARKER has found his mother Ola Mae unconscious on the floor and rushed her to the hospital where she is placed in the care of DR. SUE MORRISON. Sue genuinely wants to save Ola Mae but she also has her eyes on a bigger prize--a research paper about this most unusual case for a major medical journal.  Calvin has meanwhile begun receiving ghostly visitations from SWIMMER, a Cherokee shaman who claims to have intimate knowledge of Ola Mae's condition. Meanwhile Calvin's girlfriend ALABAMA stops by the hospital to tell him she's leaving him for good to go on tour as the manager for a local country & western band.  Calvin's sister TRACY and Ola Mae's minister PREACHER BOBBY also descend on Calvin seeking financial gain.  As they all back Calvin literally into a corner and fight over ownership of a dying woman who cannot speak for herself, the inarticulate Calvin seeks a way to speak for her.

                    "Theatre Three's charming comedy offers lots of laughs and some astute observations on class and regional differences in the United States.  Mr. Stanley
                                has both a good eye for what's going on in American life and a good ear for the way people talk."  - Dallas Morning News

                    "It is unusual for Mill Mountain Theater's Norfolk Southern Festival of New Works to be performed on the Main Stage instead of the smaller Theater B
                              but when word gets out of the charm of this play they will need the extra seats.  Stanley's script has amusing and clever dialogue and creates characters
                              both appealing and familiar.  The play is a sweet, often amusing story with a wonderfully crafted character in Calvin Barker."  -

                    "Stanley is an inventive storyteller...Medicine, Man is an entertaining romp."  - The Roanoke Times