Fulbright Opportunities in the Fine Arts Webinar

For those US peeps who are considering applying for a Fulbright, the recording of the 5/5/22 webinar on Fulbright Opportunities in the Fine Arts is now online in case you missed it. The other scheduled guest panelist was unable to attend, so I got to talk twice as much. 😄

You can also download the mp4 to watch later.

My Dinner With Tina

Why is this man making a hand-rabbit? Scroll down to find out.

If you missed my interview last night with the masterful Tina Brock of the IRC and would like to hear more about my mis/adventures in India, my work as a Fulbright Scholar and the nonfiction book I’m currently finishing, along with Tesla, ghosts, paan, religion, David Ives, and a few other surprises, you can catch it here on the IRC’s youtube channel: