Oscars 2023

Join us this Sunday when several of us will be leading informal discussions (“adda”) at our online IFC (Independent Film Circle) session on Zoom about some of this year’s Oscar contenders. For some reason, I was asked to share my thoughts on RRR 🙄 and I can’t wait.

Sunday, Feb 26 at 10:00am EST/7:00am PST/ 8:30pm IST. No cost to attend but we do ask that you register so we know who’s logging on and how many to expect. If you’re interested please email me at js @ brain – on – fire . com .

RRR is historically significant – and not because it smashed box office records

I’m grateful to have been offered an opportunity to write about the international Indian hit film RRR for Contingent Magazine, whose mission statement is “history is for everyone.” They purposely waited until 15th August (India time), India’s Independence Day, to publish the article as their lead story today.  What does RRR have to do with my Kolkata theatre research as a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar?  You’ll see. And be sure to read those footnotes.

The article begins below:

Sure, George Washington was a good war strategist, but could he pick up a motorcycle by one wheel and swing it around in battle? Or how about if Martin Luther King Jr. had busted Malcolm X out of prison by carrying him on his shoulders and dodging gunfire while hopping across rooftops, and together they took out J. Edgar Hoover? These events could not, and never did happen, but would be pretty cool to see in a big-budget historical fantasy action flick.

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