Ambassadors Storm DC

In Washington, DC with fellow Fulbright Scholar Alumni Ambassadors Prof. Guenet Abraham from University of Maryland, Prof. Priya Menon from Troy University, and Prof. Vanessa Mari from Nevada State College.

Fellow Fulbright Scholar Alumni Ambassador Prof. Vanessa Mari is on TikTok. She grabbed a few of us at our recent meeting in DC to ask impromptu questions about applying for a Fulbright Award. My question was, How did you approach the application? Here’s my answer (and transcript). If you’re thinking of applying, check out Vanessa’s other awesome TikTok vids.

“Hi, I’m Jeffrey Stanley. I’m an adjunct faculty at NYU Tisch School of
the Arts and at Drexel University. I was a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar in
2018-19, researching early 20th century Bengali film and theatre and
their impact on India’s nascent Independence Movement.

My tip for YOU regarding the application: take it seriously, tell a
story about YOURSELF, take some time with it. It’s not a quick form
you’re going to fill out and then your bio is going to ride you through
the application process. You are telling about YOURSELF. They have your
bio, they have your CV. What else do you want them to know about why
this trip is important to you, and why your work will be important to
the world afterward.”

Abhijit II: The Night HE Came Home…

…to your screen. To talk about writing, budgeting and shooting a low-budget film. Abhijit was our guest speaker at the Independent Film Circle for the first time a few weeks ago and he was just wonderful. We’re thrilled to have him back for this 3-week series starting this Sunday 2/20.

This 3-week event is FREE but advance registration is required. If you’d like to join, drop me a line.

You can learn more about Abhijit at