A Session With Subha Das Mollick

Last year during the lockdown a few friends approached me about joining them in founding an online group devoted primarily to Indian independent cinema outside of Bollywood, and the Independent Film Circle was born. We quickly amassed members in the US, India and Bangladesh and had an incredible year, starting with a 12-week Film Appreciation course led by film director Debashish Sen Sharma. 

I’m thrilled to share that a week from today we’ll host a talk by our newest member, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker and educator Subha Das Mollick. 

One of her docs, Crosswinds Over Ichhamati, about the impact that the Partition of 1947 had on rural border communities in what are now the nation of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) and the Indian state of West Bengal, is available for free on youtube and quite engrossing.


Film Appreciation Course with Debasish Sen Sharma Starts 8/15

film course
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I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of this great event with well-known Indian film director Debasish Sen Sharma. I won’t say I’m co-teaching, that would be too grandiose. It’s a 12-week course and I will be guest teaching one session on screenplay plot development as well as sitting in on all sessions. At a hundred bucks this is a steal and I’m happily volunteering my services to participate. Open to everyone everywhere. STARTS ONLINE AUGUST 15th.