A Lecture on Tragedy

a comedy

"Check your ego at the door.  I've got plenty enough for all of us."

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Professor Stanley
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Teaching Assistant Luke Rosen


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"Suddenly I was a person of color."

In this hilarious southern fried Greek tragedy playwright Jeffrey Stanley, with his teaching assistant Luke Rosen in tow, takes you through  "an existential tunnel of country music terror"  to the Underworld and back in his obsessive life and death journey to resurrect a family skeleton (take notes, there'll be a quiz at the end).

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Teaching Assistant Luke Rosen (left) does the emoting as Stanley uses country music, courtroom transcripts, birth certificates, Marine Corps discharge papers, DNA evidence, letters, lawyers, and a healthy dose of Nietzsche to piece together a family mystery. 

Running time 75 minutes, no intermission.

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"Be there."

Dear Horseshoe fans, the show's limited engagement at Don't Tell Mama in New York City has come and gone.  Thanks for your interest.