Always a Unique Location

Boneyards' Home Base in Philadelphia:  Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and beyond crowded South Philadelphia in the 1880s.  They pushed south from the original "Jewish Quarter" near South Street, opening Jewish schools, hospitals and some 140 synagogues along the way. In 1909 Orthodox members of Shivtei Yeshuron-Ezras Israel became tenants in a former storefront on the corner of South 4th and  Emily Streets. In 1914 they bought the building and members of the congregation completed most of the renovations themselves.  Today it is virtually unchanged.  Similar to New York City's Lower East Side Tenement Museum, the synagogue is a living memorial to turn-of-the-century immigrant life in Philadelphia.  An active core group of congregants continues to hold monthly services in the synagogue, fondly nicknamed "the little shul," and hopes to keep it alive as a religious, historical, artistic and cultural center in the neighborhood.   BONEYARDS was the first Philly Fringe show to take place here, and we are thrilled to still be calling it our permanent home.

Brief Tour of Boneyards' Macabre Subterranean Home

An Historic First: Live Ghost Auditions (Actual EVP Recording)

More Ghost Auditions (Actual EVP Recording)